Addison | San Francisco Newborn Photography

Flowers, friends, nice crisp sheets and the most adorable newborn in all the land? I think yes. I was so excited when Lara asked me me if I could attempt one of these floral rings because who would say no to that? Not Tevi, thats for sure. Anyway we spent the afternoon in her beautiful home in San Francisco arranging flowers for this baby flower ring, cooing over this girl and taking ALL THE PHOTOS! Until recently, I have shied away from in home sessions but I have been doing more and more recently and I have began to really love them. Not that babies sleep in flower rings like this but there is something about capturing a baby in its natural in home environment that is really special. I love capturing those moments when parents snuggle babies, momma’s nurse and siblings oogle the little ones. It really is special and even more special when I get to do it in the beautiful architecture in San Francisco.


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