FRESH 48 Hospital Newborn Photography

What is a fresh 48 Session? A fresh 48 session is essentially a lifestyle newborn shoot that is done in hospital within the first 48 hours of a infant’s life. I come bearing no props, wraps, lights or backdrops. My goal when I come into your room is to capture the events as they are. I want baby in your arms, baby in the swaddle, daddy comforting her while she cries. I want you to be able to look back at those first couple of days and remember the events you would normally forget due to the stress and sleep deprivation that comes with the arrival of a new baby. (Keep Reading…)



My parents have a home video they took of my (not graphic) birth and when I was a little girl I would ask to watch “Tevi Born” every day. I think we are all a little curious about the day we were born and I loved that my parents captured some moments from my birth I can look back on forever. I literally have one photo in the hospital with my little girl that the nurse quickly snapped on the way out. I found the photo a little over a year ago and remember thinking how I wished we had had more photos of me in the hospital during those first precious days with my baby girl.




I always knew that birth photography wasn’t a great fit for me but I still wanted something that would capture those first precious days when a family grows by one and a mothers love grows exponentially deeper. This lead me on my own hunt to discover a lifestyle newborn session done in hospital sometimes referred to as a “Fresh 48 Session”. My interest in these sessions grew as I began to photograph them myself.




It has been an incredible experience seeing women of all backgrounds bring life into the world. Birth can be hard and recovery can be especially difficult but nothing can cloud those beautiful days spent in a hospital getting to know your baby for the first time out of the womb. My memories of the hospital stay with my baby girl are patchy simply because having a new baby is stressful and I hadn’t slept in several days. I wish I could remember all the things that I see when I get to photograph these sessions, sweet tiny babies in mom’s arms, dads kissing wrinkly toes, and babies swaddled up snug in their bassinet. Let me capture these moments for you so you and you baby can look back on the memories of the first few days they were in the world.



Preparing for a Fresh 48 shoot: Depending on what you are going for I recommend that all families bring a special/ neutral swaddle blanket to the hospital. The swaddle blankets that most hospitals provide are highly patterned, and usually covered in pill balls. I recommend bringing a light/ neutral swaddle blanket or one with interesting designs. I highly recommend the brand Little Unicorn if you want something with a little pizzazz but still gorgeous and classy. I also love little sleepers that tie at the bottom. I recommend that if you bring an outfit to make sure it is simple and doesn’t take away from the pure and simple beauty of your fresh little baby.

I also recommend that mom’s bring a comfortable neutral robe. Sometimes hospital robes can be a little funky and we want mom to look and feel her best. This isn’t necessary but a fun way to add some life to the shoot. I also recommend that parents minimize things like large floral headbands for the same reason that I recommend simple clothing items. With newborns I really believe that less is more. Simple hats can also be fun to add to the mix.



I recommend that parents with other children allow me 10 minutes in the hospital room without the siblings so I can capture some nice quiet shots with mom, dad and baby before the siblings come in. New babies and siblings are both the cutest and the most chaotic part of a Fresh 48 photo shoot so I recommend having part of the shoot be with parents and the new baby.



After I have booked a fresh 48 session I look forward to hearing that you have had your baby. I ask that each client contact me upon hospital admittance so I can arrange my schedule to be there within the 48 hours of time you will have after you give birth. A text works great and I ask that one is sent upon admittance and then after the birth to arrange a meeting time. Most of my newborn session I try to do between 9am-2pm when the sun is high and bright.