Location Ideas

Coyote Point in San Mateo. I have photographed several people and families there and I love it. In these photos it was very green but everything is extremely dry and dead now so that is something to consider
Coyote Point Session

Woodside/ Purisma Springs
Woodside Session

Leo J Ryan Park in Foster City, It is on the lagoon in foster city and there is a board walk area, and some pretty trees. The light is really pretty in the evening,
Laurelwood Park in Belmont. Hilly and woodsy little bit of a moodier darker look. I only did this quick mini session here but I think there are a lot of pretty trails if you hike in a bit. 
**These have a $25 travel fee**
Sutro Bath/ Lands End

Golden Gate Park– In the spring it is a mix of lush green and the golden gate bridge and in the summer/ fall/ winter it is pretty dry but the Golden Gate Bridge looks fabulous as ever
Golden Gate Park Session