Session information

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me, the best way to reach me is by email or phone.


Phone: 208-680-5825

I check my email constantly, so please don’t feel shy about sending me any questions or comments that may come to mind. I do not however answer calls or emails during the middle of a shoot so please give me 24 hours to respond.

After Booking

Clients often book sessions weeks (or months) in advance, to ensure they are able to get the perfect date. So it may feel like your session is very far away- but you can definitely start preparing now! If we’ve picked a local location, such as a beach or park- start gathering ideas of places you’d like to take your images. While I often go ahead to a location to scout out settings in advance, I love to hear input from you about things you like (For example- the line of trees in the background, the porch of the old stone house, the inlet with the tide pools, etc), things you don’t like (the parking lot in the corner, the playground in the background), and things you may have questions about (whether or not we can do multiple locations or if I can get photos of you at a place special to your family). Another good thing to do is start thinking about the feel you are going for with this session. While my photography is a mix of editorial and documentary, many clients have words they would use to describe their family- which is exactly the feel I want to capture with your session. Whether you and your kids are playful, loving, energetic, caring, etc- keep that in mind! I love to hear more about all of you so I feel like I’ve known you for a while.

What should we wear?


– Consider the location. If we’re at the beach, wear beachy lightweight material. Let your kids be kids. I recommend staying away from very formal apparel and find asthetically pleasing comfortable clothing.

– Mix and match colors and patterns. Dressing your whole family in white t-shirts and jeans feels outdated and impersonal. I love color photography- bring colors! Rich colors add dimension to your images and keep interest without taking away from the family. Patterns should be included, but sparingly- don’t have everyone in stripes! Colors that look particularly great in photos: blue, pink, peach, white, green- avoid neon.


– Wear all black. Black is an absorbing color, which means it hides shadows and folds and makes it difficult to expose correctly for the photo. If you want to include black, wear a black tank top with a brighter cardigan- but I tend to suggest it’s avoided entirely. Great alternatives for black are navy, dark green, and charcoal grey.

– Wear clothing with logos. I recommend families avoid logos for multiple reasons, but mostly because they are distracting and can take away from the image. The same goes for shirts with words- the eye goes right to them. Classic t-shirts with images are fine, but stay away from GAP or Old Navy tees with the logo right across the chest.

Picture Day!

Just a couple of things to remember for the day of!

1. Please arrive on time- I often take about ten minutes just getting to know you and your family before we start taking photos, especially to let your kids warm up to me. Then we have to find a location, get set up, etc- before we even start. A prompt start time helps keep the session going and everyone focused. I recommend arriving 10-15 minutes in advance

2. Also one of the most important things I can stress is the need to be relaxed and let things go. So many times i’ve had a session start to go downhill because something goes wrong, whether it be that their kids didn’t get enough sleep, didn’t eat breakfast, wouldn’t wear the right shoes, etc. Your kids pick up very quickly on stress and anxiety and will also get anxious when you show signs of it. I guarantee they absolutely want to do well for you and make you happy, so rather than getting frustrated because they won’t sit still- try understanding that we may have to run around a bit and get some candids first.

3. I am absolutely used to every sort of temper tantrum under the sun, believe me! Please don’t get embarrassed or feel awkward when (it does happen!) your child gets upset and mad. I know plenty of ways to talk them out of their frustration, and get great pictures for you. I’ve never had to cancel a session because the baby wouldn’t stop crying or because the toddler was having a tantrum, and I’ve had multiple people claim they never thought we would get good images.

5. Please do not bring your own cameras to the shoot. I do need everyone looking at my camera and focusing on me, so I ask that you keep all cellphones and cameras off or away. You’re welcome to take some photos after our session of course, but I need to have your family’s attention 100% during the shoot.

6. Bring some sort of bribe/snack. My sessions usually last about 1-2 hours, and kids will start to lose energy. Nothing brings them back quicker than a lollipop or cheerios, and I always suggest you have a small bribe at the end- the promise of ice cream or a lego toy works wonders. That way, they are able to be mindful of how they act during the shoot and can look forward to a reward at the end for doing a great job.

After The Session

After the shoot is finished, it takes me about 3-4 weeks and post-process all your pictures. You will be able to download the photos via a link that send you to a pixieset gallery. It is easy and can be shared with family members.

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